Take the cost factor completely out!
When buying a POS system for your business we know that cost is a major concern.  We provide the way to eliminate the cost barrier and provide a complete solution.

You choose the Software and Hardware with no limits!
We do not place limits on the software and hardware. We give you choices and design the system to suit your needs. 

Factory Authorized Local Support 24/7 -  Included for 1 Year!
We got you covered on the service end as well. Top-tier customer service from our own technicians located throughout the region. Offering 24/7 help desk support, as well as an option for same day On-Site Service.

​Our "POS as a Service" has absolutely no upfront cost and nothing out of pocket, you can have a complete Professional POS system for your restaurant or bar.  

In exchange for the new POS system, you simply process your credit cards with our merchant service partner Central Payments (CPAY).

​CPAY is an Integrated merchant services provider and is nationally-recognized as a leading provider of transaction processing services and social marketing software, providing support to more than 50,000 small, medium, and large businesses across the United States.  CPAY annually processes more than $4.5 billion in credit card sales.  CPAY carries an A+ rating with the BBB and is recognized as an industry leader in Inc. 5000.

Here's the important stuff right here.
​As it sits today, your current credit card processor collects an array fees on behalf of the banks and credit card companies.
On top of these fees, there is added mark-up and other fees that are scattered throughout your bill.  
This "Mark-Up and other fees" amounts to the profit they are making off you ... Plain and Simple.

Question:  What are you getting in return for all the credit card fees you are paying? 
Answer:      Nothing

Our offer is simple.
​We take the fees and convert them into something tangible. 

The credit card processing Mark up and swipe fee is fixed and will not change. 

The Contract is Month to Month.

You can Quit at any time with no penalty.

Why spend money out of pocket ? 
When you can put those fees you are already spending each month into a NEW POS system?
I never met a business person that didn't appreciate using OPM (other people's money).

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​POS As a Service
Presenting a New way to obtain  
New Restaurant POS System
No Cash Needed !

​​New Hospitality POS systems can be expensive! 
So your Restaurant or Bar is in need of a new POS system. 
Is the high cost of purchasing or financing is keeping you from getting one?

We have an answer!
We can provide a brand new fully loaded POS system for your establishment.
The kicker...... We can do this with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET!

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